Thursday, 7 February 2008

above are various images done for 'fun', when i get there that rare spare time :).

in order; 'blue', 'bobby dylan', a girl with a butterfly on her face, a picture for my lovely friend 'erin', self portrait, the lesson i so valuably from the film 'ghostbusters', and 'Tom Waits'.

above are images from another blog i often write at

in order; my picture of the game 'bioshock', and what i call the 'track and field face'(an game which requires furious 'button bashing' resulting in very silly faces)

above are more examples of designs for various projects.

in order; a group shot for the 'flair' asthma campain, a vehicle from the same campain, a 'wasp' toy design for 'topps games', a group shot of 'skank' an animated band, and concept art from a 'swatch' advert we at 'triffic films' finished for christmas 07.

the following are various designs from a number of different projects.

in order; characters for 'modern life is rubbish', three situations from 'helping the henderson's' development, designs for a title sequence to a new bbc show 'Lab Rats' currently in development, group concept for a project named 'skank'.

the following are caricatures from an upcoming internet short voiced by Steve Coogan and produced for Baby Cow. The short will parody the life and career of Quentin Tarantino.

in order; Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, David Carradine and Samuel L Jackson.

Monday, 7 January 2008

drawing used in the pitch for a 3d animated show 'the wild world of warren'.
studies of 50's,70's and 00's breed of footballer.

in order; 50's chic, 70's celebration's, jose pablo araganz

the above are all character designs for a disney show in pre-production, we unfortunatly will not be designing the final character's but i hope there is some help in there'

i like the 'ickle flying dood.

in order; colour test/group shot/gwyn/humphreys/vanessa/sillouette